Welcome to Venkata-Kripa Diabetic Centre

    Venkata-Kripa Dia Care

    – is an exclusive diabetic centre, a multifaceted and patient- centric with diabetic practice. It offers high quality diabetic treatment and care pertaining to a diverse range of problems. Established by Dr. B. Seetharam - Consultanat Diabetologist. Venkata-Kripa is committed to offering its patients an unparalleled standard in state-of-the-art in diabetes and other treatments supplemented by a unique patient care of the highest order.

    Founder Dr. B. Seetharam brings in a wealth of experience and all round expertise in diverse aspects of Diabetes and General Medicine. He has traversed through various stages of practice since 1998 and in the process, earned all-round appreciation from patients and accolades from colleagues. Gifted with sharp insight and keen intellect. He started Venkata-Kripa in 2000. Dr. B. Seetharam is a Consultant Diabetologist in Medi Vision and in many corporate hospitals. Driven by the goal of setting new standards in Diabetes, he seeks to position Venkata-Kripa as a front ranking centre that offers truly world class treatments in a relaxing environment for its patients. His mission is to put a smile back on the faces of all elderly and senior citizens.


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